Yesterday I drove to East Fork Baptist church to spend a little time with family, celebrating the recent marriage of Andy and Cassie.

On the way, the winding road always leads me to familiar places and reminds me of days gone by.

For years before the Rosman Highway was a four lane, it was easier to take Country Club Road, which intersects with Island Ford Road. The trip seemed endless. It’s really not that far but when you’re going to Grandma and Grandpa’s and your little heart is full of excitement and anticipation of romping around the property and playing with cousins. Well, it just takes forever.

I found a marker. A big red barn situated almost at the corner of County Club and Island Ford. I knew when we arrived at the big red barn, Grandma’s was a few short minutes away. Eagerness and anticipation most often overtook my body and I could hardly wait to grab the door handle, fling the door wide open and run up the stairs.

What was so special about going to Grandma’s? The people, of course. Aunts, Uncles and cousins galore. A real family affair. Also, the food. If Reese is your last name then it’s synonymous with food. We like to eat.

While the adults were doing boring things like talking and catching up and preparing the smorgasbord or food, the kids, if you were old enough, were outside playing. Kick ball. Tag. Red rover. Mother may I, and the list goes on….

My favorite memories are the lazy, long, hot summer days when we would go for dinner and stay until dark. No one ever got in a hurry to leave, giving us kids ample opportunity to scheme and devise plans to either stay with Grandma or stay with each other. It was simply the best of times.

Once we moved from Pisgah Forest to Columbus, NC, we weren’t able to go as often. It was never quite the same. How I treasure those endless summer nights at Grandma and Grandpas. The little rock house still stands today and every time I pass by, I am reminded of the joy and delight of days gone by.

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