Do you ever feel like with the pressures of life you simply can’t take anymore? You’re weary and worn. You have no fight left. Whatever hurt you, death of a loved one, illness, job loss, wayward children, financial problems, divorce, physical or emotional abuse, this is good news for you. God will not only heal you’re broken heart, He will bind up your wounds. That doesn’t mean that, at times, the pain of your suffering will not come to mind and it doesn’t mean that you will never feel the sting of its pain again. It simply means that he will bind them up for you so that it doesn’t hurt as much when the binding is pulled back.

Have you ever had stitches or watched as a doctor sews stitches?

When Ryan, now 27, was 3, I received a call from his preschool teacher that he was injured from falling off a swing. He hit his chin and it split open. Stitches would definitely be required.

As the doctor began assessing the depth of injury, the first thing he did was pry it open as far as he could. Ryan screamed in pain but once it was fully opened, the injury was not as deep as we initially thought.

Next, he cleaned the wound thoroughly to remove any bacteria and particles that may be lingering. This process, too, caused Ryan discomfort. It wasn’t the seering pain he felt as the wound was completely opened but he winced and whined as the antiseptic cleanser was administered.

Finalky, he began the stitching process. Since the wound was more than just surface level, it required two layers of stitching.  This part bothered Ryan the least. His hurt was being bound. What had been ripped and torn apart was now being put back together.

Friends thats exactly how God heals our brokenness our broken hearts. The problem is most of the time when he starts to peel or pry open our hurt to see how deep it is, we pull away.  We scream because it hurts too much. The hurt is way too deep and we would prefer if He would just quick-fix us.

There are no quick fixes where there is brokenness. Trust me!  I’ve tried and failed miserably.

If you want God to bind up your broken heart, allow him to work from the inside out. Allow him to pry open the depth of your hurt, clean it out and then bind it up.

Ryan will always have a scar from his injury, in the same way, our hurts and headaches leave scars but they no longer hurt.  They are reminders of our hurts and Gods amazing grace!

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